Sunday, November 04, 2012

Vision Cage for Sugar Glider

Assalamualaikum. Hello girls. Yah there are only girls in my follower list. Its okay. I dont want that many. Blog ni just to share bout nothing. So its so embarrassing to have many followers. Well yah. Back to the title. Just wanna share bout things that is in my MUST BUY lists. Btw its not for me. Its for my babies. As u know my female Sugar Glider (SG), Manje is pregnant. So i think after her due date i wanna buy something new, comfortable & larger for them. I want this cage so badly. Before i bought this 3feat cage where i called it as 'Banglo' for my SG i tried to search the vision cage through facebook & many pet shops that i've visited but i couldnt find it.

I bought the 'Banglo' for RM150 & the vision's price for the small size is exactly the common cage that i've bought. Its too hard to find stuff for SG in Ipoh. Usually i bought their stuff through facebook. Yah i repeat. Facebook. Other than that at Sunway Pyramid, PJ.

I'll put this item on top of my MUST BUY list. Fyi, i dont buy their stuff & my SG themselves using my parents' money. Its my own pocket money. So I've to be patient.

The cage that i want is in the middle in medium size.
They are available in three sizes.
Small, Medium & Large.

Thanks for reading. 
Have a great day readers.

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