Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fudge Liquid Erect Review

Hello. Another post again. I've been busy this lately. So whenever i've plenty of time, i'll update my blog bout things i like & doesn't. Okay let us see the picture of this product first before i begins.

This is how the product looks like. Firstly, i loves the packaging. The design itself r so attractive. Kinda in loves with this bottle. Yes i'm kidding u. HAHA. The smells r freaking good too. I think it is almond n coconut scent. First time i'm using this product, i hate the smell coz i've never smell this scented product. Silly me. After few times using this product, i realized that i love how it is. This is the medium hold of heat protective product. My ones that is for straightening spray & i used it before i straighten my hair. This is to protect my hair from damage.

This product also gave a good quality of my hair after using it. My hair kinda really soft & silky after i straighten my hair. The things that i dont like bout dis product r it's quite sticky on my hand if i touch my hair before i do my straightening. But after i've straighten my hair, it doesn't sticky at all. Can u imagine how good it is? This product costs me RM49. Yeah. Its quite expensive for a tiny little bottle like this. I can't find tresemme heat protectant here. So sad. So i think thats all.

Thank you & Happy shopping!

Tresemme Review

Hello guys. Long time no news. Okay. Today i wanna make a review bout the products i've been used recently. Act, i've bought those products bout 1 months ago. But i just used it today coz  i don't want to waste the old products that i've been used almost 1year i think. Later i'll make a review on that. Just stay tune. Okay back to our main topic here. Act i've heard bout this products bout 6 months ago n i've been attracted to use the products coz we dont know how it works right?

I'm using tresemme shampoo & conditioner for anti breakage. My hair are extra dry. Lately i used a lot of heat styling tools such as hair dryer & flat iron for my straightener. I need to apply some oil after washing my hair. I'm using the olive oil or hair serum. Depends on the conditions of my hair.

This products really makes me happy. It really showed a good result on my first used! I'm not kidding u. It stated that this products are for extra dry n brittle hair. It helps to strengthens & protects from brushing & heat damage. I guess its good quality n affordable. Its really suits the price. Its not too pricy for my opinion. For the shampoo its only RM18+ if im not mistaken. I couldn't remember coz i've lost the receipt. The conditioner itself costs me around RM16+ maybe. U can check it. I bought those products at Watsons.

Im sorry coz im so excited to share bout this. After my first used, i don't even need to apply any serum or olive oil to maintain the silky hair. If u have types of hair like me i recommend u to buy this products n try it urself.

Thank you & Happy shopping!