Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fudge Liquid Erect Review

Hello. Another post again. I've been busy this lately. So whenever i've plenty of time, i'll update my blog bout things i like & doesn't. Okay let us see the picture of this product first before i begins.

This is how the product looks like. Firstly, i loves the packaging. The design itself r so attractive. Kinda in loves with this bottle. Yes i'm kidding u. HAHA. The smells r freaking good too. I think it is almond n coconut scent. First time i'm using this product, i hate the smell coz i've never smell this scented product. Silly me. After few times using this product, i realized that i love how it is. This is the medium hold of heat protective product. My ones that is for straightening spray & i used it before i straighten my hair. This is to protect my hair from damage.

This product also gave a good quality of my hair after using it. My hair kinda really soft & silky after i straighten my hair. The things that i dont like bout dis product r it's quite sticky on my hand if i touch my hair before i do my straightening. But after i've straighten my hair, it doesn't sticky at all. Can u imagine how good it is? This product costs me RM49. Yeah. Its quite expensive for a tiny little bottle like this. I can't find tresemme heat protectant here. So sad. So i think thats all.

Thank you & Happy shopping!

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